October 27, 2019


5:30pm – Father Patrick
9am – Father Cassian
7pm – Father Brent


  1. Did you know??  We have a $3 home-cooked dinner every Sunday, downstairs in Newman Hall at 5:30. All are welcome!
  2. The Haiti Mission Trip students are looking for yard work in October and November to help raise money for their trip over Christmas Break. Please contact Fr. Brent in the parish office.
  3. All Married Couples -- This Monday, October 28thfrom 5:30-8:00 p.m.,  plan to attend the Love Your Marriage (LYM) Mass and Potluck Dinner.
  4. Just a reminder that Religious Education and Sacramental Prep classes are cancelled this Sunday as many of our LifeGuides are attending the Boiler Awakening retreat.
  5. St. Tom's Youth Ministry is having its annual M&M fundraiser. Please grab an M&M tube in the gathering space after mass and return it with cash.
  6. “Who is your Angel and what does he do?’-- God, Angels and Us” is the topic for this month’s Theology on Tap scheduled for 7:00 p.m. next Tuesday, November 5 at Harry’s Chocolate Shop. Our guest speaker will be Mr. Gary Richied who serves as a social studies teacher at Fenwick High School, a Catholic college preparatory school rooted in the Dominican pillars of prayer, study, community and preaching.
  7. And finally, remember to return your Commitment Sunday card in support of our Empowering Joyful Discipleship program.  Our goal for this program is simple – to substantially increase our Sunday offertory in support of St Tom’s many ministries so they may continue to grow and support our community and beyond with even greater impact.