November 19, 2017


5:30pm – Father Timothy
9am – Father Cassian
11am – Father Timothy
7pm – Father Patrick


  1. There is no Sunday Night Dinner next Sunday, November 26th.
  2. Please check the bulletin or website for Mass and confession times during the Thanksgiving Holiday, November 22-24. We have Thanksgiving Mass this Thursday at 11:30AM. The office will be closed on Thursday and Friday, November 23rd and 24th.
  3. Create your own Advent wreath at our annual advent wreath workshop on Sunday, November 27. Please contact or see the bulletin for more information.
  4. The peace light is a torch carried from Bethlehem that is spread across the world as a sign of Christ's peace to the world. It will be visiting St. Tom's on Monday, November 27th at 6:30PM. We invite you all to come and help spread the light, but please bring your own candle.
  5. Have an interesting talent or skill? Looking to showcase and teach your skills? We are currently looking for presenters for the annual 2018 How-To Festival. Please email
  6. We have 17 students going on our Haiti Mission Trip over Christmas break. The Tap Tap bus is out in the gather space providing you an opportunity to support this important mission. On it are envelopes that represent various levels of support.
  7. We need help decorating the church for Advent on Saturday, December 2nd from 9:00-11:00AM. Many hands make light the work.
  8. 5:30PM, 7:00PM, 9:00PM ONLY - Jubilee Christmas is a time when we host 40 families shop for Christmas. We will be hosting it by ourselves here on Saturday, December 9th, at 9:00AM. We continue to need St. Tom’s to continue to be so generous in your donations of toys, cookies and wrapping papers and willingness to be a host. Please bring donations to the Masses the weekend of December 3rd. See the bulletin for more information.11/19, 11/26