March 31, 2019


5:30am – Father Patrick
9am – Father Cassian
11am – Father Cassian
7pm – Father Timothy


  1. We have great news regarding our Fruitful Harvest campaign. We have concluded the $50,000 match for the dovetail portion. Thank you for all who contributed. Now another parishioner has offered a $75,000 matching donation.  We have $495,582 pledged from 270 families at St. Tom’s. Our goal is $515,000, which leaves us with $19,418 to go. For those that have not yet pledged or even if you have already made a donation, you still have time to make ANY gift, and it will be matched.
  2. Is it always wrong to lie, or are there certain situations in which lying is justified? Join us this Tuesday, April 2nd, at Theology on Tap as Fr. Timothy explores some of the moral dilemmas relating to the 8th Commandment. 7:15 at Harry's.
  3. Next Sunday April 7th, the Indonesian Catholics group will be fundraising by selling traditional Indonesian food in the gather space after the 11am Mass. All are welcome to donate and enjoy great food.
  4. Next week is the first weekend of the Month – so, it is time to bring in food for our monthly St. Tom’s Food Drive.  The St. John’s/LUM Food Pantry has closed, so your donations will now support the food pantry on campus for food insecure students and staff.  Thank you.
  5. Thanks for participating in our monthly Name Tag Sunday.  You can also win $500 by participating. Just place your name in the baskets at the door with your name and phone number – we are each called to be the welcoming face of St. Tom’s.
  6. There will be NO evening Masses on Easter Sunday, April 21
  7. On Saturday, April 6th, St. Tom's will celebrate Spanish Mass at 5:30pm, with refreshments to follow in Newman Hall. Fr. Timothy will be presiding and the homily will be in English. Come experience this cultural celebration of liturgy and fellowship!
  8. This Monday, April 7, at 7:00pm is our Lenten Penance Service.  There will be several priests, as well as Bishop Doherty, hearing confessions for this penance service.