March 3, 2019


11am – Father Timothy
7pm – Father Patrick


  1. A Fruitful Harvest update.  We have $467,000 pledged from 268 families at St. Tom’s. Our goal is $515,000, much of which is for a much needed new roof.    Please make your pledge today.
  2. The next Theology on Tap will be this Monday, March 4th.  Prof. Josh Cole from Wabash College will present “Mystical Value in Elizabeth Anscome’s Defense of Humanae Vitae.” 7:15 at Harry’s.
  3. There will be six Masses on Ash Wednesday.  Check the bulletin and our webpage for times.
  4. The collection this Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, is for Aid to the Church in Central and Eastern Europe.
  5. Mark your calendars - we will have a parish mission this Lent beginning at the Sunday March 24th evening Masses through March 26th.  Boiler Catholic priest - Fr. Charlie Latour will lead our retreat on “I Am With You Always: Discovering God’s Presence in Our Life”
  6. The tap-tap is in the gather space to receive your donations to support our student mission trips, and there will be a second collection next weekend for our Student Mission Trip Fund.
  7. Hey everyone! I am here to introduce a new initiative that is being started here at St. Tom’s!  The Granola Bar Crusade was started in 2016 as a way to get students involved in much-needed food donations in the local community. Since then, hundreds of pounds of food have been donated to St. John's - LUM Food Pantry. During the Spring of 2017, just four people contributed around 110 pounds of oatmeal and granola bars. Our new goal is to give 1 ton of these items!! We are asking for volunteers in the residence halls to step up and be Hall Ambassadors, where you can be a collection point for the hall floor as well as spread the word of this initiative. Donations of food in the form of single-use oatmeal cups, granola bars, and cups of cereal (easily obtained by using unused meal swipes at On-the-Go) can start immediately and be brought to next Wednesday night Mass!