March 17, 2019


5:30am – Father Stephen J. Duquaine
9am – Father Patrick
11am – Father Patrick
7pm – Father Timothy


  1. We have great news regarding our Fruitful Harvest campaign. We have concluded the $50,000 match for the dovetail portion. Thank you for all who contributed. Now another parishioner has offered a $75,000 matching donation.  We have $468,000 pledged from 270 families at St. Tom’s. Our goal is $515,000, much of which is for needed new roof. That leaves us with $47,000 to go. For those that have not already pledged or even if you have already made a donation, you still have time to make ANY gift, and it will be matched.
  2. There are painted flat sticks located at each entrance to the church with writing utensils and instructions. These sticks are provided for you to write intentions and prayers on. You may use one or several sticks throughout the Lenten season.  Please place completed sticks either into a designated bin at any station or into one of the containers of sand.
  3. Beginning at the Sunday March 24th evening Masses through March 26th.  Boiler Catholic priest and Dominican friar - Fr. Charlie Latour will lead our retreat on “I Am With You Always: Discovering God’s Presence in Our Life”.  Lent is a time for us to reflect on Jesus and how His life, passion, death and resurrection are the ultimate proof of God’s love for us. The three days of this mission are a time for all of us to step away from our day-to-day life and come to a new appreciation of God’s constant presence in our lives.
  4. On March 28th, we will have our 3rd annual “Day of Giving”.  Please consider supporting St. Tom’s. A generous parishioner is offering a $5,000 matching gift, so your gift no matter the size will have twice the impact!  Your donation will help with the many wonderful ministries we offer here at St. Tom’s.
  5. Our Ladies Mass will be THIS Wednesday, March 20th at 6:30pm.  Potluck dinner to follow. ALL ladies are invited to attend!