June 23, 2019


5:30pm – Father Patrick
9am – Father Cassian
11am – Father Timothy


  1. This Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana will be sharing the Diocesan Uniting in Heart 2030 Pastoral Plan. This plan took many factors and data analyses of our diocese into consideration, and will make a once in a lifetime impact to our diocese. All are invited to attend one of these presentations; please see the bulletin for times and locations.
  2. Join us (tomorrow/today) after the 11am Mass as we celebrate Fr. Timothy’s 6 years with us, and wish him well with his new assignment.
  3. This month we are participating in the Seminarian Fund Appeal. All gifts directed towards the Seminarian Fund will go exclusively toward Seminarian educational and living costs, which is budgeted to be $500,000 in 2019. Please consider a gift that will help to support the formation and journey for our seminarians. Please use the envelopes in the pews to contribute towards this fund.
  4. We will be having Theology on Tap Tuesdays in July.  This will kick-off on Tuesday, July 2nd at Harry's with artist Erin McAtee who will be speaking on “Praying with Art: Encountering God More Deeply Through Beauty”  Don't miss it!