January 6, 2019


5:30pm – Father Cassian
9am – Father Cassian
9pm – Father Timothy


  1. Homilies and bulletins are available online!  Just go to our homepage: boilercatholics.org, and scroll down to “Mass Notes”. You can access readings, bulletins, announcements, and homilies by midweek.
  2. Due to many families not being able to get their picture taken we will have a second round of photos for the parish directory. The dates will be the 10th-12th of January. Instructions to sign up online are in the bulletin, and we will be having signups after all the masses this weekend.
  3. Take this opportunity to double your donation to Fruitful Harvest 2018!!!  A generous parishioner has donated $50,000 to Fruitful Harvest as a matching gift.  For every dollar donated to St. Tom’s your donation will be doubled. This is a great way to double your support to St. Tom’s and help us meet our goal to repair the roof.  Be sure to mail in your pledge card, or drop it in the baskets in the gather space.
  4. St. Tom’s will be hosting a prayer service for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.  This year’s theme is: “Justice, Only Justice, Shall You Pursue”. This event will be Monday, January 14 at 7:30pm in the church.  A reception will follow the prayer service.
  5. Next Sunday there will be a second collection for the Religious Retirement Fund.