February 24, 2019


5:30am – Father Cassian
9am – Father Patrick
11am – Father Patrick
7pm – Father Cassian


  1. A Fruitful Harvest update.  We have $371,000 pledged from 248 families at St. Tom’s. Our goal is $515,000, much of which is for a badly needed new roof.  We continue to offer a $50,000 matching gift for those who contribute.
  2. Come to the gathering space after Mass in order to buy some Catholic jewelry. All of the proceeds will go directly to our youth ministry, and your purchase will help us do some amazing things. Plus, you will get some beautiful Catholic jewelry. Hurry; our supplies are limited!
  3. Our Ladies Mass is THIS Monday at 6:30!!  This is a wonderful way to form friendships with others in our pews.  After Mass, everyone goes downstairs for a carry in potluck dinner. Please ladies, come and enjoy the company of the other ladies in our church.
  4. Our annual Italian dinner is Friday, March 1 at 6:00 PM.  The Cool City Band returns too! This is a fundraiser for our spring break mission trips.  Tickets are limited so buy them today - $20 per person for resident parishioners - $15 for student parishioners.  They will be on sale next weekend as well. Delicious food and a fun evening will be had by all. Buy your tickets now, immediately following Mass…in the Gather Space.
  5. Next week is the first weekend of the Month – so, it is time to bring in food for our monthly St. Tom’s Food Drive benefiting the St. John’s/LUM Food Pantry.
  6. Thanks for participating in our monthly Name Tag Sunday.  You can also win $500 by participating. Just place your name in the baskets at the door with your name and phone number – we are each called to be the welcoming face of St. Tom’s.
  7. Would you still like to have your family picture included in our parish directory?  Although we are no longer scheduling photo sessions, you can submit your own photo and send $15 (payable to St. Tom’s).  Pictures and payment can be dropped off during business hours (8:30am -5pm; Monday - Friday). Deadline is March 1st.