Justice with Peace

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Are you interested in social justice?
Do you find yourself wishing that you could help people in need?
Does poverty bother you?
Are you looking for community service?

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Our Mission

As social concerns interns, we seek to serve the greater St Tom’s community by educating for social justice and facilitating social justice programs. By practicing these, we aim to form and exercise the Christian conscience of both ourselves and others. Inspired by the Gospel message, we strive to act as Christ to others.

We are here to help!

As Justice with Peace Interns , we are here to assist everyone involved in the greater St. Tom’s community in respect to all things justice and peace. If you are a student or parishioner who desires more information about social justice programs at St Tom’s, contact us. If you are involved with a St. Tom’s club or organization and need help starting or facilitating a social justice program, please contact us.