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Ignite groups are small faith communities which meet weekly on and off campus. After reading the upcoming Sunday’s Gospel, we discuss, reflect on and apply the Word of God to our daily lives. Ignite provides a medium for people of all levels of faith to find support, challenge themselves, and bring one another closer to Christ.

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Weekly Meetings

Honors/Third Street – Meets at the Laundry Room Couches
Monday @ 7:00pm, Carrie Sloma and Bob Krane

Cary – Meets at the South Lounge Study Tables
Monday @ 7:00pm, Nick Riedel and Oscar Otero

Meredith – Meets in the main lobby
Monday @ 7:00pm, Rachel Wood and Jackie Myers

Harrison – Meets in the main lobby
Monday @ 7:00pm, Naveen Breen and Daniel Romary

Earhart – Meets in the main lobby
Monday @ 7:45pm, Rachel Huemmer

Brothers’ – Meets at Brothers Bar and Grill
Monday @ 8:00pm, Alex Grove and Anthony Schuckel

Off-Campus – Email mstiens@purdue.edu for more information
Monday @ 8:30pm, Maria Stiens and Aaron Herrenbruck

Windsor – Meets in Wood Lobby
Tuesday @ 7:00pm, Becca Fillip

Wiley/Tarkington – Meets in the Tarkington main lobby
Tuesday @ 8:00pm, Tim Durbin

Shreve – Meets in the main lobby
Wednesday @ 7:45pm, Adam Goodman and Logan Bedford

Greek – Meets in Krach 148
Wednesday @ 7:30pm, Cassie Brown and Cathy Nash

McCutcheon – Meets in the main lobby
Wednesday @ 7:45pm, Megan Geraghty and Nick Freyberger

Hillenbrand – Meets in the main lobby
Wednesday @ 8:00pm, Tori Sullivan and Laura Peterson

St. Tom’s – Meets in the conference room
Thursday @ 8:00pm, Ali Hanlon and Clair Sale

St. Tom’s Bilingual – Meets in room 4
Sunday @ 3:30pm, Isabella  Motta and Elena Almendares


May I join an Ignite group partway through the semester?
Of course! Anyone is welcome at any time, and newcomers are always appreciated. Discussion is based on the upcoming Sunday’s Gospel, so each week is a new experience.

Do I have to be Catholic to attend Ignite?
Of course not! The beauty of the Gospels is that they speak to everyone across time. We’d love to hear your interpretation of God’s Word.

If I cannot make it to the Ignite in my dorm, may I attend another group?
Of course! Ignites meet at varying times and locations in order for everyone to attend the group which best fits his or her schedule and circumstances.

What is the structure of a typical Ignite?
Every meeting starts with prayer and the reading of the upcoming Sunday’s Gospel. The leader(s) will facilitate the discussion with questions based on the reading. At the end of the hour, the meeting closes with prayer and fellowship.


Meet our Ignite Coordinators!


Lindsey May

Ignite Coordinator | may67@purdue.edu

Major: Mechanical Engineering, Sophomore

How I got involved at St. Tom’s: When I got to Purdue, I was excited to start my faith journey on my own. I wasn’t sure how to get started, but when I heard about Ignite at Mass, I decided to go to the group in my dorm. After that, I could not get enough of the ministries at St. Tom’s. I went on the New Student Overnighter and Boiler Awakening, and joined the Grand Prix team. From there, I have staffed every Boiler Awakening retreat since the one I went on, began leading an Ignite group, and love my St. Tom’s family more than anything!

Favorite Bible Verse: 1 Corinthians 16:14 – “Let all that you do be done in love.”

Fun Fact: When I eat anything really minty, I sneeze.

Bio: I am from Austin, Texas. My whole family is Catholic, so my faith has always been important to me, but it never really flourished until I came to college. I started branching out more and being less afraid of sharing my faith with others. I have always been very bad at small talk, but God has used my love for deep conversations to grow so much closer to Him and allow me to expand my faith from where it was at the beginning of college until now. My favorite part of Catholicism is adoration, and I love spending quiet time with Jesus. I also try to live each day for other people, so let me help you with anything you need!


Kevin Green

Ignite Coordinator | green266@purdue.edu

Major: Materials Science Engineering

How I got involved at St. Tom’s: After going on BA 12, I found the Tarkington Ignite and the group really took me in and helped me explore St. Toms. I then went on to become and Ignite leader the following year, staffed BA, but what got me invested and excited about St. Tom’s was going on the Clear Creek Mission Trip.

Favorite Bible Verse: Sirach 2:4-6 – “Accept whatever happens to you; in periods of humiliation be patient. For in fire gold is tested, and the chosen is the crucible of humiliation. Trust in God, and he will help you: make you ways straight and hope in him.” When I meditate on this verse, I often wonder what some of the saints did with this verse, because it’s not an easy verse, but it is reassuring to know that when adversity comes, I am not alone.

Fun Fact: I have traveled approximately 2,300 miles moving, living in 6 separate houses, driving to each house. Bonus fun fact: we frequently talk to truckers on CB radio.

Bio: As my fun fact implied, I’ve lived all over the map, Ontario, Canada and Columbia, Maryland stand out. I was super athletic growing up, primarily participating in Hockey and Golf (I went to the National Championship (hockey) my sophomore year of high school), but faith wasn’t necessarily a priority. Once at Purdue, I joined some engineering clubs and a friend of mine convinced me to go on BA 12 and the rest is history. I stared getting more involved and joined the Chant Choir and the Grand Prix team, but Ignite has always been my “main ministry” at St. Toms. I’ve never been good at reading scripture deliberately, but through being a member and consequently leading a group, I’ve seen my own prayer life really grow and solidify as my own. I love the Rosary and Adoration because it helps me start the dialog of mental prayer. I’m looking forward to my senior year and am looking to find a job in manufacturing.


Madison Trout

Ignite Coordinator | trout2@purdue.edu

Major: Actuarial Science and Applied Statistics

How I got involved at St. Tom’s: I was heavily involved in my high school’s youth group, and wanted to continue that in college. I started by going to the Ignite group that met in Shreve, and realized these were the people I wanted to be around. I went on the New Student Overnighter, came to Sunday Night Dinners, and attended Boiler Awakening fall of my freshman year. I got roped in to the many wonderful ministries and people St. Tom’s has, and haven’t looked back since.

Favorite Bible Verse: Mark 1:7 “And this is what he proclaimed: ‘One mightier than I is coming after me. I am not worthy to stoop and loosen the thongs of his sandals.'”

Fun Fact: I have 3 screws in my right leg and I set off airport metal detectors.

Bio: I was raised as a cradle Catholic in Cincinnati, Ohio and moved to Cleveland (the best city to ever exist even though Lebron left) when I was 13. I did gymnastics for 15 years, and was very involved in my parish’s Lifeteen program, where I learned about Catholicism and what makes it so unique. I came to Purdue and began to intentionally live my faith. God carries me through the ups and downs of every day, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the people in my life He has blessed me with. Also I’m in love with coffee, elite gymnastics, and crocheting, so if you ever want to talk about those things (or quite literally anything else), I’d love to chat!