Request A Prayer

Prayer Request

*Prayers go to our prayer group called Needed Prayers Community (NPC) and are anonymous.

Prayers of the Faithful

Submit names of those sick for whom you wish the parish to pray. Names will be read during the Prayers of the Faithful at all weekend Masses for four weeks and listed in the weekly bulletin. After four weeks, names will only be listed in the bulletin. To have a name removed from the bulletin, please email

Needed Prayers Community (NPC)

Just as we put money into the Offertory basket when it is passed so that we all can have hosts, wine, candles, electricity, and a repaired, safe building, so do we extend ourselves to one another in our spiritual community of faith. Some members of our community have been grievously hurt by a rare, incurable, pediatric disease, Neimann Pick Type C. It is a symbol to us of the unfinished work of Christ’s kingdom. So when all of you voted for Matt Painter to get money for research, you were caring for Jesus in His Body the Church.

To thank all of you who voted so faithfully for Matt Painter and to honor the memory of Braden, Riley, and Keaton Smith, on behalf of whom we voted, we have started a new group whose task it will be to specifically pray for any and all of your requests and needs.

The prayer group is called, Needed Prayers Community, or NPC, and will use the motto, Believe, Request, Keep-faith, or BRK.

A Flocknote will be sent asking volunteers to sign up for the prayer group to pray specifically for the needs of others at St. Tom’s. The people of prayer will be sent the requests for prayers via Flocknote.

For all in the parish to request prayers, we will have loose-leaf papers at the doors of the church and the gathering space for you to write down your needs and intentions. These intentions may be personal but anonymous.

We thank you for your compassion and care and want to extend the same to all who need prayers. As you submit your intentions, the Needed Prayers Community will pray for your intentions now and especially during Holy Week. It is our honor to ask, seek, and knock on your behalf. In the meantime, remember to believe, request, and keep-faith!